Our Sponsors

Cochrane Castle Golf Club has several loyal sponsors who sponsor individual holes, and their details are displayed below.  If you or your company are interested in sponsoring one or more of the holes or in any of the other sponsorship opportunities at Cochrane Castle Golf Club, contact Stevie McGoldrick on 07577 286325 or email: mcgoldricks@aol.com to obtain further information.


Hole 1 - Barclay Howard

Sponsored by Hunter Building Services

Hole 4 - Rockies

Sponsored by The Dawn Patrol (CCGC)

Hole 5 - Skiff

Sponsored by The Bogeymen Association

Hole 6 - Hedgehog

The Miller Family

alt text

Hole 7 - Wood

Past Captain's Association

alt text

Hole 9 - Red Lodge

The Mitchell Family

alt text

Hole 10 - Poker Flat

Sponsored by Adelphi Engineering & Construction Ltd

alt text

Hole 11 - Beeches

Auscot Electrical (Sydney)

alt text


Hole 12 - Craigston

Belhaven Group plc

alt text

Hole 13 - Pit

Axis Solutions Limited

alt text

Hole 14 - Tower

Cochrane Castle Golf Club Seniors

alt text

Hole 17 - Hard Luck

M8 Driving School

alt text

Hole 18 - Home

GORMAC Coachworks

alt text